U12’s triumph at Eldon Celtic

Another day another Tournament. But this one was had a few surprises for Greenmeadow Under 12s!

The team of 11 made their way to Eldon Celtic in Reading on a sweltering Saturday afternoon.
The first surprise was whether we were there on the correct day as the program said the U12’s were playing on Sunday! Great misprint!

The tournament kicked off 40 minutes late. The boys couldnt find their form in the first 3 matches which all ended 0-0.

Martin nearly missed the start of the next match so the boys took over with a team talk!

Team Talk - Greemeadow way

A thunderous roar erupted from the parents when they finally found the goal twice in the next match.

Final match in the group was a 1-0 win. They had found their form…

Next was supposed to be the “qualifiers”, but these seem to get forgotten about and they they played the Qtrs against a team they had drawn with in the groups. After a tramp to the other side of the tournament field Greenmeadow won the match never looking like they would lose.

On to the semis (again at the other side of the fields!) against a team from Acton London. Big guys in the team who looked small against one of their guys who made everyone look small! He was also fast and talented. This looked and turned out to be a tough game and was 0-0 at full time with a fine save from Ben to keep the team in it.

Now things got interesting as 5 players were removed from each team and they played golden goal for another 4 minutes. Jamie, Felipe, Fabian and Ben stayed on and tried to deal with the opposition. A wild ride with some um.. interesting refereeing at times but the boys dug in. After 4 minutes it was Ben’s turn to leave the pitch leaving 3 vs 3 on a 9 a side pitch! The weirdest game of football !

Fabian was superb against the Giant from London keeping him under control. Felipe did his normal rottweiler impression and kept hassling the opposition, finally rewarded with him getting a penalty. No hands allowed by the outfield player in goal! Jamie calmly took the kick and took Meadow in to the final!

The final was a different game against Magix Youth again from London. A good side that played proper football. At times they passed it around leaving Greenmeadow chasing them but the boys gave as good as they got and fought hard. At full time it was again 0-0 and off went half the team, this time leaving Archie, Ben, Felipe and Fabian. 4 minutes went and off went Ben.
Archie made a superb save with his head to deny Magix and then yet again Meadow had a penalty as a player got brought down in the box.
Archie stepped up and slotted it away!

Brilliant but long day!  (returned to Swindon at 8.30!)
The boys played well, had great fun, took on good teams from London and came out victorious!


Martin tries to work out who to keep on "eeny meeny miny moe"


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