U15 Wilts County Cup Semi Final 2017

Well here we are again.
Fourth Wilts County Cup Semi Final in four years!
Sunday 19th March at Nova Herod Academy against Northside.
Northside top of the league played 12 won 11…. Greenmeadow, played 15 won 8.
It was going to be a tough match and the weather seemed to be out to make it more difficult.
We arrived at Nova and the rain started… and the wind….

Kick off and both teams tried to get the upper hand. The conditions making it very difficult with the ball getting blown all over the place.
Jamie had a long looping shot go past the posts, Tom blasted over the bar.
Northside tried to get the ball down to their striker Ed but Harry was more than up to the task of keeping him in check.

A shot from Northside ran across the front of the Meadow goal mouth causing a scare and then Greenmeadow had a corner.
Rowan went up to take it, everyone wondering where it would go with the wind blowing in all directions. The ball floated across the front of the goal spinning towards the back post and then it was in!
Massive roar from the Meadow supporters and stunned looks from Northside. Flukey yes, but it was in the goal! 1-0 Greenemeadow!
Lots of end to end play for the rest of the half.

Second half and more pressure from Northside soaked up by Meadow. Every time Luke or Tom got the ball up front they had 3 defenders on them.
About 20 minutes in and Kassa got taken down in the penalty area and the ref blew the whistle and pointed at the spot!
Kassa strode up. Just as he went to hit it, the ball moved putting a slight bobble on the ball and it was saved by the Northside goalie..
For the last 20 minutes Northside threw everything they had at Greenmeadow but the boys took it all and soaked it up.
The parents were beside themselves with the pressure, but the boys held out and the game finished 1-0.

The boys had defied the odds and got to their 4th County Cup Final in 4 years!
Now normally at this point there would be a selection of photos from the match but to be honest we were all so busy watching the game that no one took any so instead here’s a few photos of some cats….








Roll on the Cup final on 30th April against Swindon Youth. Can the boys manage to win the Cup in their last year as Greenmeadow Youth?
Join us at Swindon Supermarine FC on 30th April to see……